The Pedaler's Pub
good times, great food, and long rides


    Part of the Pedaler's Pub mission is to support local cycling at all levels.  We like to show our support to cyclists by giving them  a 10% group ride discount when stopping in before or after their group ride.    Our goal is to encourage as many people as we can to get on their bikes and ride, no matter how far or how fast you want to go.  Cycling is a great family outing and we hope you include The Pedaler's  Pub in your next adventure.  Start slow and taper off :-)   

     The Pedaler's Pub is a Very Proud sponsor of the Local bicycle racing scene.  We are  so proud to be a part of  The Pedaler's Pub /Garver mountain bike race team., and the Boston Mtn Cyclists. We are excited for the future of Northwest Arkansas Cycling.  

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